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            Millat Agro Industries established in 1978 by Mian Muhammad Akhter. He started his project in the form of a little workshop of just 5 workers, he started his work with a spirit that he had to provide value and quality Agro Tools to the farmers and play his role in the Agro progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

             To accomplish his vision, with 29 years of continuous struggle, Millat Agro Industries has made its pet value among the other Agro Industries. No doubt, the best quality and durable products are the identity of Millat Agro. When he started his project, it was full of zeal and zest which continued right now.

            And for the progress of Pakistan and farmerís prosperity, Millat Agro Industries is laboring day and night. With every bulging down, Millat Agro Industries is passing the new destination of progress.