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Mian Muhammad Akhtar

Managing Director
Millat Agro Industries
Rahim Yar Khan


            For the prosperity in the modern agriculture, the importance of machines is authentic. When we talk about the cultivation, sowing, harvesting, or any other department in the agriculture, itís impossible to deny from the vitality of the machines. Today the agro industry has become more modernized than the oxen or a tractor with one or more ploughs. More than twenty categories of Millat Agro-Implements are available in the market. If there is the crop of sunflower or rice, cotton or wheat, with the help of Automatic Seed Drill, we can cultivate more area in less time.

             The lower surface of land becomes hard, as more and more tractors are used on the lands. This is a natural problem faced by the farmers. The solution provided by the Millat Agro Industries is in the shape of Chisel Plough. The use of Chisel Plough makes the lower surface of the land soft and fluffy. By taking these measures, we can increase crop growth, income and most important populationís food requirements. The importance of agro machinery is very well known by the farmers, technical agro researchers and policy makers.

            God be praised, the Millat Agro Industry is considered to be the first among the other Agro-implements manufacturers. Where this reward is due to our farmer-fellows, there is also result of our specialist and professional capabilities. I greatly emphasis my farmer-fellows, for advance and profitable cultivation, take full advantage of Millat Agro Machinery and Tools. It is the need of the present time. This will not increase the production but also our beloved country will also prosper.