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            The economical position of Pakistan based upon agriculture but our per acre production of the crops is less than the developed countries. The reason of this is the unavailability of cultivation machinery. During the present regime the agriculture field is called an industry like any other industry. There is no way other to apply the modern scientific principle in the agricultural fields. This procedure either for getting agricultural production in bulk or for the safety of the crops from insects, the required target shall be achieved by applying the modern scientific principles. Therefore to serve the nation Millat agro Industries started manufacturing the agricultural equipment for the profitable cultivation in Rahim Yar Khan sice 1977. On the basis of last 24 years of struggle the industry has various manufactured equipments that are successfully used by the farmers.

             All the modern machinery for the purpose of agricultural processes is available at Millat agro Industries. For technical advices regarding cultivation selection of the agriculture equipments, land position, correct utilization and look after of machines, please contact with our organization or our Area Dealers.




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